Omid Noor Industrial Group was formed in 1389 by Dr. Fatemeh Alamdari for the optimal and practical use of international technical knowledge and international development of engineering knowledge of domestic experts, and determined to indigenize the steel industry of Iran, and from the major manufacturers of this industry in In order to be able to play a role in the development of the country's economy and job creation, with the dedication of the revenue generated by the management of the orphans, the elderly, the poor, the oppressed, to play a significant role in preventing social frauds, the collapse of the family center and cultural invasion, and in While reviving the good tradition of the Prophets and Imams (AS) and the message of the Supreme Leader Be the leader. For this reason, the most prominent steel experts were invited to cooperate. It is hoped that by taking away the door of Allah Almighty, a small step in the flowering of the economy and the dissemination of genuine Islamic culture.

  • International conference of Iran mine and mineral will be preformed at 15&16 Dec 2014 .25 Oct 2014

    International conference of Iran mine and mineral knowen as (IMIS) which is such a big opportunities of investigation and a good chance to have Asian cooperations in technology and industry. A conference that supports from discover chain till producing of productions, such as Inorganic industry, metrology, equipment supplies, related industris, countenance services, technology improvement, training, HSC, ecological and etc. IMIS will be preform in 3 partthose are appointments, exhibitions, discussions. Engineers and managers from all over the world will have speech. This conference wiLloyd be supported by IRITEC and ETOC. Address: international exhibitions center of Milad tower, Tehran, Iran. ... READ MORE